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Acrylic Display

Acrylic glass, also called perspex, is a versatile material that has a lot of possibilities for creating display designs. Its easy malleability allows it to be shaped into any form, which makes it perfect for making customized presentation displays. These displays can be transparent or opaque depending on the desired effect and can also be colored in different hues. While acrylic displays are often used for showing jewelry and spectacles, they can be used in any industry. Additionally, acrylic glass can be combined with other materials such as wood or cardboard. The greatest advantage of using acrylic glass for displays is that it's resilient to scratches and other external factors.

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Benefit of Acrylic Display

Gondola Units are a popular choice for supermarkets because they are free-standing, which means they can be placed anywhere in the store. This makes them ideal for displaying everyday items near the billing counter to increase the likelihood of impulse purchases. Additionally, both sides of the Gondola Units can be used to display products, which makes them more space-effective compared to traditional racks and shelves that only have one usable side. One of the biggest advantages of Gondola Units is that they are moveable, which allows retailers to adjust their placement to match the changing stock of products. For instance, if the store has an excess of groceries, a Gondola Units can be placed in the grocery section to display these products. This makes Gondola Units a cost-efficient option for retailers since they provide large storage capacity with minimum space consumption at affordable prices.


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